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  • Tommy Knocker Craft Beer Bar
  • Iso Roobertinkatu 13
  • 00120 Helsinki
  • Mon-Tue: 14-00 (02)
  • Wed-Fri: 14-01 (02)
  • Sat: 12-01 (02)
  • Sun: 14-00

Tommy Knocker Craft Beer Bar

Tommyknocker Craft Beer Bar

Tommyknocker Craft Beer Bar is a modern craft beer bar with an American twist. Tommyknocker Helsinki ia a cozy and welcoming craft beer bar where the staff always has time for more than just a simple ”how do you do?”

On tap you´ll always find real American craft beer complemented by Finnish craft beers as well. We have a bottle selection of over 60 different American craft beers, and various American style Finnish craft brewery products. Our selection varies with weekly so make sure to pop in order to make sure you get to taste everything!!

Come and enjoy with!!




At your service

Aki Rytkönen, Unit Lead

”A beer a day keeps doctor away”

Joel Galant, Shift Lead

”It’s beer o’clock”

Andy Lundmark, Customer Lead


On tap


Smooth, tiny hoppyness, brownish colored, malty after taste.


German style lager, sweet, malted tiny hops in the after taste.


Red Ale were the sweetness is not around but hoppynes insted!


Wheat Lager where used mosaic hops. fresh and psicy.


HHIK=Hop Cut A Human In Two. little citrus, unfiltered american pale ale.


Classic american style east indian pale ale.


Littlebit hoppyer lager from usa.


Fresh, ligth colored pilsner from Finland.



  • Mon-Tue: 14-00 (02)
  • Wed-Fri: 14-01 (02)
  • Sat: 12-01 (02)
  • Sun: 14-00

The taps are open:

Mon-Tue: 14-00(02)

Wed-Fri: 14-01(02)

Sat: 12-01(02) Sun: 14-00(02)

Iso Roobertinkatu 13 Helsinki 00120

Email: tommy.knocker@momentinrestaurants.com

Tel. +358 50 5680084